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a-n The Artists Information Company

It is the combined knowledge, expertise and energy of us all that enables the production of our publications and services for the visual arts, and generates an increasing number of partnership programmes, projects and research that serve to maximise our collective resources and widen artists’ access to professional information. Look in the Knowledge bank section-  with toolkits on Fees and Payments/ contracts/ insurance etc. Join AIR!


Artquest encourages critical engagement and provides practical support to visual artists throughout their careers.

Arts and Business

Arts & Business works as a catalyst between the arts and business communities, helping the arts to work effectively with the corporate world and business to engage with the arts to achieve commercial and aspirational objectives, from individual development to corporate strategy, from business training to sponsorship.

Business Link

Very useful and thorough site covering all aspects of running a business including articles, case studies and advice. Practical and relevant.

Creative Boom

So if you’re keen to collaborate, network, get noticed, attract business, learn new things, be inspired or find out what’s happening in your creative field, Creative Boom is an organic e-zine that has been designed especially for you and will continue to adapt and improve to suit your needs.

Creative People

Creative People is a national network of organisations. These organisations individually supply a training and professional development (CPD) information, advice and guidance service to current and aspiring arts and crafts practitioners. The network provides this site and other mechanisms for sharing information and best practice; we lobby for increased resources for professional development in the arts and crafts; we provide sector intelligence. The network does not supply specific training or fund organisations or individuals.

Creative Choices

A very well presented an up to date website and resource that covers the entire creative and cultural sector. Offering tips, toolkits information and jobs and opportunities.

Creative Partnerships

Creative Partnerships is the Government’s flagship creative learning programme, designed to develop the skills of young people across England, raising their aspirations and equipping them for their futures. We foster innovative, long-term partnerships between schools and creative professionals, including architects, scientists, multimedia developers and artists. These partnerships inspire young people, teachers and creative professionals to challenge how they work and experiment with new ideas.


DACS (Design and Artists Copyright Society) is a membership based organisation representing 36,000 fine artists and their heirs, in addition to 16,000 photographers, illustrators, craftspeople, cartoonists, architects, animators and designers, including some of the biggest names in contemporary visual arts.

We provide a range of licensing services for copyright consumers seeking to license the individual rights of an artist. Licences for secondary uses of artistic works are administered under collective licensing schemes on behalf of all visual creators. DACS distributes these funds through Payback.

DACS also manages the Artist’s Resale Right on behalf of artists in the UK. The Artist’s Resale Right entitles an artist to a resale royalty each time their art work is sold by an auction house, gallery or dealer.


Engage is the UK’s most effective advocate for gallery education in the visual arts.

Engage works through its members to promote access to, understanding and enjoyment of the visual arts in the UK and in 17 countries worldwide.

Engage members are those who deliver learning programmes in the visual arts, including gallery educators, artists and artist educators, as well as students, teachers, curators, youth and community workers, policymakers and others involved in arts education and the visual arts.

You can join engage to benefit from professional development support, access to ground-breaking research projects, resources and publications, and a national and international network of peers.


Hybrid carries out work with a research and producing remit. We identify challenges and create solutions. We are action focused and developmental in our engagement with participants, clients and stakeholders. The following are some examples of our practice and previous experience:

  • Creative/ Action Research
  • Evaluation
  • Creative production/ curation
  • Artist led research and development; mentoring
  • Audience Development
  • Social inclusion/ community cohesion agenda; brokering relationships, developing partnerships
  • Developing organisational culture; training and resource development

A few others…


Artangel has pioneered a new way of collaborating with artists and engaging audiences in an ambitious series of highly successful commissions since the early 1990s.

Arts Council

Developing, sustaining and promoting the arts in England.

Art Licks

Your weekly contact keeping you in touch and right on date with what is going on in the London art scene—the art scene beyond the obvious.


Axis is a visual arts service that provides information about artists, craftspeople and makers living/working in Britain to a national and international audience, hosting the only national register of contemporary British artists.


The website of the British Film Institute.

British Council

The British Council promotes arts, literature and design from Britain, around the world.

British Society of Aesthetics

Aims to promote study, research and discussion of the fine arts and related types of experience from a philosophical, psychological, sociological, historical, critical and educational standpoint.

CASS Sculpture Foundation

A charitable foundation which aims to globally promote and enable British sculpture through a programme of commissioning, funding and marketing.

FVU (Film and Video Umbrella)

Film and Video Umbrella commissions, curates and produces film, video and other moving-image works by artists which are presented in collaboration with galleries and other cultural partners across the UK.


inIVA Online – the website of the Institute of International Visual Arts.

ISC (International Sculpture Centre)

ISC is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1960, whose members include anyone with an interest in and commitment to the field of sculpture.


Online artists resource and database.

Jerwood Foundation

Organisation dedicated to the funding and sponsorship of the arts, education, design and conservation.


LUX explores ideas around artists’ moving image practice through exhibition, distribution, publishing, education, and research.


MITES is based in Liverpool and provides AV equipment hire, AV installation services and film / video production and editing services. They are part of FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and are funded by Arts Council England to provide subsidised services to arts organisations in England.

National Media Museum

Founded in 1983, the National Media Museum is part of the National Museum of Science and Industry in Bradford; boasting the world’s first negative, the earliest television footage and the world’s first example of moving pictures.

NSEAD (National Society for Education in Art & Design)

If you teach art, craft or design in primary or secondary schools, or in further or higher education
– especially teacher educators – the National Society for Education in Art & Design (NSEAD) site is for you: gallery educators, artists in residence, parents and all those with an interest in arts education.

Printmakers Council

Website of the Printmakers Council, founded in 1965 to promote the art of printmaking and the work of contemporary printmakers.

RA (The Royal Academy of Arts)

Website of the independent fine arts institution which supports contemporary artists and promotes interest in the arts through a comprehensive and ambitious exhibition programme.

Re-title is the information resource for emerging and professional contemporary art, providing directory services for internationally focused artists and galleries.

RPS (The Royal Photographic Society)

The Royal Photographic Society was founded in 1853 and its mission remains ‘to promote the Art and Science of Photography’.

This is Central Station

For artist opportunities in Scotland.


WOOLOO.ORG is an online community created by artists with the aim of facilitating interactions and collaborations between artists, curators and Open Calls


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